Which learning is an example of supervised learning? (2023)

What is an example of supervised learning?

One practical example of supervised learning problems is predicting house prices. How is this achieved? First, we need data about the houses: square footage, number of rooms, features, whether a house has a garden or not, and so on. We then need to know the prices of these houses, i.e. the corresponding labels.

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What type of learning is supervised learning?

Supervised learning, also known as supervised machine learning, is a subcategory of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is defined by its use of labeled datasets to train algorithms that to classify data or predict outcomes accurately.

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Which is the example of supervised learning algorithm?

Example of Supervised Learning Algorithms:

Nearest Neighbor. Gaussian Naive Bayes. Decision Trees. Support Vector Machine (SVM)

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What is supervised learning give examples of supervised learning?

Supervised learning

Which means some data is already tagged with the correct answer. After that, the machine is provided with a new set of examples(data) so that the supervised learning algorithm analyses the training data(set of training examples) and produces a correct outcome from labelled data.

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Which of the following is not an example of supervised learning?

Answer - A) PCA Is not supervised learning.

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Is naive Bayes supervised or unsupervised?

Naive Bayes methods are a set of supervised learning algorithms based on applying Bayes' theorem with the “naive” assumption of conditional independence between every pair of features given the value of the class variable.

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What are the different types of supervised learning Mcq?

Different Types of Supervised Learning
  • Regression. In regression, a single output value is produced using training data. ...
  • Classification. It involves grouping the data into classes. ...
  • Naive Bayesian Model. ...
  • Random Forest Model. ...
  • Neural Networks. ...
  • Support Vector Machines.

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What are the two types of supervised machine learning?

There are two types of Supervised Learning techniques: Regression and Classification.

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Is time series supervised or unsupervised?

Time series data can be phrased as supervised learning. Given a sequence of numbers for a time series dataset, we can restructure the data to look like a supervised learning problem. We can do this by using previous time steps as input variables and use the next time step as the output variable.

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What are supervised learning algorithm?

A supervised learning algorithm takes a known set of input data (the learning set) and known responses to the data (the output), and forms a model to generate reasonable predictions for the response to the new input data. Use supervised learning if you have existing data for the output you are trying to predict.

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Is clustering supervised learning?

Unlike supervised methods, clustering is an unsupervised method that works on datasets in which there is no outcome (target) variable nor is anything known about the relationship between the observations, that is, unlabeled data.

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What is supervised and unsupervised learning examples?

The most commonly used Supervised Learning algorithms are decision tree, logistic regression, linear regression, support vector machine. The most commonly used Unsupervised Learning algorithms are k-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, and apriori algorithm.

Which learning is an example of supervised learning? (2023)
Is decision tree supervised or unsupervised?

A decision tree is a supervised learning algorithm that is used for classification and regression modeling. Regression is a method used for predictive modeling, so these trees are used to either classify data or predict what will come next.

Is Random Forest supervised or unsupervised?

Random forest is a Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm that is used widely in Classification and Regression problems. It builds decision trees on different samples and takes their majority vote for classification and average in case of regression.

Is K means supervised or unsupervised?

K-Means clustering is an unsupervised learning algorithm. There is no labeled data for this clustering, unlike in supervised learning. K-Means performs the division of objects into clusters that share similarities and are dissimilar to the objects belonging to another cluster.

Which of the following is an example of unsupervised learning Mcq?

The classification of heavenly bodies such as stars and planets is automatic; hence it is an example unsupervised Learning.

Which of the following is a unsupervised learning Mcq?

Explanation: Pattern classification involves supervised learning while grouping is an unsupervised one.

Which is not a supervised learning technique?

Unsupervised learning is a machine learning technique, where you do not need to supervise the model. Unsupervised machine learning helps you to finds all kind of unknown patterns in data. Clustering and Association are two types of Unsupervised learning.

Why is Naive Bayes a supervised learning?

Naïve Bayes algorithm is a supervised learning algorithm, which is based on Bayes theorem and used for solving classification problems. It is mainly used in text classification that includes a high-dimensional training dataset.

Is Knn supervised or unsupervised?

The K-Nearest Neighbors algorithm is a supervised machine learning algorithm for labeling an unknown data point given existing labeled data. The nearness of points is typically determined by using distance algorithms such as the Euclidean distance formula based on parameters of the data.

Why Naive Bayes is called naive?

Naive Bayes is called naive because it assumes that each input variable is independent. This is a strong assumption and unrealistic for real data; however, the technique is very effective on a large range of complex problems.

How many types of supervised learning algorithms are there?

There are four types of machine learning algorithms: supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement.

What is machine learning * Mcq?

Explanation: Machine learning is the autonomous acquisition of knowledge through the use of computer programs.

Which of the following is supervised learning problem?

Expert-verified answer

Predicting rainfall on the historical data is one of the problems of supervised learning. Therefore option C Predicting rainfall on the historical data is the correct option for the above question.

Where is supervised machine learning used?

There are two primary applications for supervised machine learning: classification challenges and regression problems. Classification is the process of converting an input value to a single value. In classification tasks, we often produce classes or categories as output.

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