What fuel does the fuel generator use satisfactory? (2023)

What is the most efficient fuel in satisfactory?

And all the other things you need to make an insane amount of refineries. And fuel generators.

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How do you make a fuel generator satisfactory?

Process the Packaged Water and Heavy Oil Residue in 13.33 Refineries to make Packaged Fuel using the Diluted Packaged Fuel alternate recipe (800/min). Unpackage the Packaged Fuel in 13.33 Packagers (800 m3/min). Recycle the Empty Canisters to package the Water (in step 6). Split the fuel into 66.67 Fuel Generators.

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Are fuel generators worth it satisfactory?

Despite the complexity of its layout as it requires a Refinery, piping, and a constant source of Crude Oil from an Extractor, the Fuel Generator's ease of setup and reliability makes it a solid source of power. It's perfect for those higher-tier machines as your base starts to become more complex.

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What can I use for satisfactory fuel?

Fuel can be used to generate power or packaged to be used as fuel for Vehicles or the Jetpack.

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How much fuel does a fuel generator use?

On average, you can expect a five-gallon gasoline generator to consume at least 0.75 gallons per hour.

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How long does it take to beat Satisfactory?

We have a lot of players that already have sunken several hundreds of hours into Satisfactory. Just building everything and reaching the last Tier takes around 150+ hours.

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What is the point of liquid biofuel in Satisfactory?

Liquid Biofuel can be used to generate power or packaged to be used as fuel for Vehicles.

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Can you automate biomass Satisfactory?

Automate Biomass/BioFuel | Satisfactory Fuel Tutorial - YouTube

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How much Fuel do trucks use Satisfactory?

Fuel consumption
Fuel TypeFuel Value (MJ)Truck (75 MW)
Packaged Liquid Biofuel75010.00s
Compacted Coal6308.40s
Petroleum Coke1802.40s
20 more rows

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Should you overclock fuel generators?

Build more is ideal. Overclocking generators gives the same increase in power generation as resource consumption, meaning it's just as efficient as normal; you'll just need less space for the fewer gens. In short, you either save space, or save power shards.

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What does oil do in Satisfactory?

Crude Oil is a semi-rare mid-game resource found in the world. It is refined in Refineries into Plastic, Rubber and Fuel, whilst producing the Heavy Oil Residue and Polymer Resin byproducts. It is a fluid resource obtained from resource nodes, and is extracted using Oil Extractors instead of Miners.

Does overclocking last forever satisfactory?

There are more ways you can tweak the clock speed and always try to experiment with it. You can never run out of Power Shard to overclock buildings so feel free to use them when you can. While the location of the slugs are finite, Lizard Doggos can produce them for you.

What fuel does the fuel generator use satisfactory? (2023)
What does Max cons mean in satisfactory?

■ Maximum Consumption: The sum of the maximum power demand if all buildings on the grid were to operate at the same time.

Does overclocking use more power in satisfactory?

Overclocking power generators does not affect the fuel-to-power ratio, both the fuel burn rate and power output are increased proportionally.

How much energy does a Coal Generator produce Satisfactory?

One Coal Generator produces 75 MW at 100% clock speed.

How do you automate biofuel Satisfactory?

Easy Automated Electricity Biomass Setup | Satisfactory Gameplay

How do you generate power in Satisfactory?

Complete Power Guide for Satisfactory Update 4 - YouTube

Does a generator need fuel?

The generator won't run without fuel. And the nature of storing fuel is that you never know when you'll need it most, either. Which means you must take precautions to maximize the storage life of your generator's fuel.

Do generators run on gas or diesel?

The two most common generator types are gas and diesel. Each type has multiple pros and cons and is suitable for different environments and applications. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of generators to determine which best suits your needs.

Why do generators consume fuel?

Accumulation of the carbon deposits on the engine can cause excessive consumption of fuel. Therefore, you need to remove them on time and clean your generator using a gentle chemical detergent, or you can handwash the components. You also need to change the oil after the cleaning.

Is there an end goal to Satisfactory?

The goal of this game, like many other games, is to have fun and enjoy your time playing it. There is no "Congratulations, you beat the game". The goal for most people is to build a factory to produce the most complicated parts in the game.

Does Satisfactory have an ending?

It is a open world game with no ending. A story will be added down the road, it is still in Early Access.

Is Satisfactory good solo?

It's good in single player, but it really is a lot more fun in Co-Op, especially if you have a physical, real-life friend to play with.

Is liquid biofuel better than Solid Biofuel satisfactory?

Solid Biofuel is a fuel item produced from Biomass. It is used to fuel the Biomass Burner, vehicles, and the Chainsaw, and is the most energy-efficient form of solid biomass power, only beaten by Liquid Biofuel, which is unlocked much later in the game.

Is liquid biofuel good satisfactory?

Liquid Biofuel is only really useful in its liquid form for fuel generators. While is packaged form can be used as fuel for vehicles and the biomass burner. Used in this way however the stacks of it are worse to use then its raw ingredient Solid Biofuel.

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