What are the 5 options to identify controls in Tosca? [Solved] (2022)

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What are the 5 options to identify controls in Tosca?

The identification of controls by their properties is the default identification method in Tosca XScan.
Identify controls in Tosca XScan
  • Identify controls by properties.
  • Identify controls via anchor.
  • Identify controls by index.
  • Identify controls via an image.
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What is the most stable method for identifying a control in Tosca?

Identifying controls by their properties is the default identification method in Tosca XScan. The Identify by Properties window contains all the technical information and properties of the selected control (see chapter "Identification parameters").... continue reading ›

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What are the control properties available in Tosca?

Each control type of GUI applications contains the business properties Enabled, IsSteerable, and Visible. The property Enabled indicates whether a control is enabled (True) or disabled (False). The property IsSteerable indicates whether a control can be edited or not.... see more ›

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When trying to identify controls which tool should you try first in Tosca?

Shortest Path: The system searches each tree level for the control to be identified, starting with the anchor control.... continue reading ›

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Where can you find most all controls in the scan result in Tosca?

In the Advanced View of Tosca XScan you can also select or deselect controls in the XScan window tree.
  • All selected controls are highlighted in the test object window. ...
  • Right-click a control in the test object window to show a list of all items that are located at your current cursor position.


What are the 5 options to identify controls?

However, if your controls cannot be identified uniquely by via their controls, there are additional ways to identify controls. .
You can identify controls in the following ways:
  • Identify controls by properties.
  • Identify controls via anchor.
  • Identify controls by index.
  • Identify controls via an image.
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How do you identify unique objects in Tosca?

Tosca Testing Tutorial for Beginners | Visualpath - YouTube... continue reading ›

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How do you make a control group on Tosca?

Control Groups in Modules section of Tricentis Tosca - YouTube... see more ›

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How many types modules do we have in Tosca?

In Tricentis Tosca we have two types of Modules: classic Modules and XModules. Classic Modules use classic engines for steering test objects. XModules on the other hand use XEngines which are based on the Tosca TBox framework.... read more ›

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What is identify by index in Tosca?

If a selected control does not have a unique ID, you can select an index to be used upon test execution to identify the control. To open the Identify by Index window in the Advanced View of Tosca XScan, click the Identify by button and select Index from the drop-down menu .... see more ›

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What control identification method are independent resolution or zoom settings in Tosca?

Identification by property is the most stable method andis completely independent of resolution or zoom settings.... view details ›

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What do you need to consider regarding custom controls when you are upgrading Tosca?

  1. Upgrade Tosca Commander.
  2. Perform migration with the Administration Console.
  3. Perform migration manually Perform migration manually.
  4. Upgrade Tosca Server and its features.
  5. Upgrade Engines 3.0.
  6. Upgrade Classic Engines.
  7. Upgrade Tosca Extensions.
  8. Upgrade customizations.
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What are the 5 options to identify controls in Tosca? [Solved] (2022)

Which property is used for showing the control name in XScan?

Reflected properties

This can be done in Tosca XScan via the option Get all properties (see chapter "Navigate the Tosca XScan UI". Properties which can only be retrieved using reflective access can be used for verification processes and control identification.... see details ›

How do I identify a Tosca module?

Scan options

If you want to scan classic Modules with the Tosca Wizard, select the option More->Legacy Scan (see chapter "Scan classic Modules with Legacy Scan"). To scan Android and iOS mobile applications with the Tosca Mobile Engine 3.0, select the option Mobile (see chapter "Scan mobile applications").... see details ›

Which shortcut is used to hide or unhide controls containing PL links?

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alternatively, you can select a row or rows, and then press Ctrl-9. To unhide rows, press Ctrl-Shift-9. For columns, use Ctrl-0 (that's a zero) or Ctrl-Shift-0, respectively. There's a catch with the latter shortcut, though.... see details ›

What options are available if you want to run a test in the ScratchBook?

  • Run tests in the ScratchBook.
  • Execute automated tests.
  • Execute manual tests.
  • Execute mixed tests.
  • Set test results manually.
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How do you handle unmapped controls in Tosca?

To do so, click on Unmap. Then map the controls as described in step 4.
To map a control, follow the steps below:
  1. Click on Map next to the respective control in the Unmapped Controls section.
  2. In the subsequent remapping screen, select the control to which you want to map it.
  3. In the menu, click on Done.
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How does Tosca identify dynamic elements?

TRICENTIS Tosca - Lesson 14: Part 1 | Parent Control | Dynamic ID and ...... read more ›

What are standard modules in Tosca?

SAP login, SAP logon, SAP toolbar. Tbox Expression Evaluation. Tbox Delete Buffer. Tbox Read/Create File.... continue reading ›

Where can I find XPath in Tosca?

The Module Evaluate XPath allows you to evaluate XPath expressions and to verify or buffer the result. This Module is part of the Standard subset. You can find it under Standard modules->TBox XEngines->XML.... continue reading ›

What is test configuration parameter in Tosca?

A test configuration parameter is a parameter which you can set for Tosca objects. If you apply specific values to your test configuration parameters you can simplify the maintenance of your tests and avoid repetitions. Specific values can be the following: test object versions such as release numbers.... read more ›

What are the correct steps to create a module in Tosca?

Open the Tosca Commander Workspace where to create the module. In a multiuser workspace checkout the module folder where to create the module. Rightclick on the module folder and select "Create->Module" from the context menu or press "Ctrl+N Ctrl+M". The name of the module can be chosen freely.... see details ›

When would you use the action mode select in Tosca?

The ActionMode Select allows you to select specified nodes. The required node must have a unique name. In this example the table row Yearly Amount is selected. Then the system should verify whether the last cell of this row includes the value 1.207,56.... see details ›

What is the correct process to resolve references in Tosca?

Resolve References

References to Reusable TestStepBlocks can be resolved. In this case, a copy of the TestSteps is made, which can be arbitrarily edited and is no longer linked to the TestStepLibrary. Select the reference to be resolved. Select Resolve Reference from the context menu.... see more ›

What is TC Shell in Tosca?

The TC-Shell is the command-line control of Tosca Commander™ and can be started in two different modes, interactive and script. The interactive mode provides the user with assistance and options.... see more ›

How do you make a control group on Tosca?

Control Groups in Modules section of Tricentis Tosca - YouTube... read more ›

What are embedded controls in Tosca?

In Tosca Commander™, the embedded controls must be added beneath the required cell control of a table row or column by using drag and drop. Unique identification is not required for the controls since they are identified implicitly by their corresponding position in the cell or column.... see details ›

What is dynamic buffer in Tosca?

Tosca uses the term Buffer to refer to values that can be temporarily saved in Tosca Commander™ and then used again. These values can be either static or dynamic. There are three different ways to buffer values in Tosca: The values of controls can be read or verified and written into the Settings dialog as a buffer.... view details ›

How many types of logs are available in Tosca?

ExecutionLists have two types of logs: One ActualLog on the ExecutionList level. This log contains the overall results of the last test run. When you execute the ExecutionList again, Tricentis Tosca overwrites the log with the current results.... read more ›

What does random text 4 do in Tosca?

{RNDDECIMAL[4][130][200]} creates an integer number between 130 and 200 with four decimal places. Random character strings are created by using parameters that specify the length of the string. Numbers and letters are generated. The maximum length of the string is limited to 1024.... continue reading ›

What are the correct steps to create a module 1 correct answer?

Right-click the folder Modules and select Create Folder from the mini toolbar. Alternatively, you can select the Modules folder and click Create Folder in the dynamic menu Modules. Rename the new Module folder to My first Modules. Right-click the folder My first Modules and select Create Folder from the mini toolbar.... view details ›

How many test sheets can be linked to a template in Tosca?

Hence, only one template at a time can be linked during Tosca Automation specialist level 2.... see details ›

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