What are embedded controls in Tosca? [Solved] (2022)

What is embedded control in Tosca?

In Tosca Commander™, the embedded controls must be added beneath the required cell control of a table row or column by using drag and drop. Unique identification is not required for the controls since they are identified implicitly by their corresponding position in the cell or column.... read more ›

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What are the 5 options to identify controls in Tosca?

The identification of controls by their properties is the default identification method in Tosca XScan.
Identify controls in Tosca XScan
  • Identify controls by properties.
  • Identify controls via anchor.
  • Identify controls by index.
  • Identify controls via an image.
... read more ›

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What are the control properties available in Tosca?

Each control type of GUI applications contains the business properties Enabled, IsSteerable, and Visible.
  • The property Enabled indicates whether a control is enabled (True) or disabled (False).
  • The property IsSteerable indicates whether a control can be edited or not.

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What is the difference between #1 and $1 in Tosca?

Row or Col defines which row or column the Bot should search. Cell identifies the cell in the defined row or column.
Identify a cell.
$1First cell in the defined row or column.
7 more rows

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What is cardinality TOSCA?

Cardinality. Specifies how often an XModuleAttribute may be used as an XTestStepValue in one and the same XTestStep (see "Using XModuleAttributes repeatedly in the TestCase"). 0-1: An XTestStepValue is initially created as a wildcard for each XModuleAttribute. Only one XTestStepValue may be created.... read more ›

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What are XModules in Tosca?

In Tricentis Tosca we have two types of Modules: classic Modules and XModules. Classic Modules use classic engines for steering test objects. XModules on the other hand use XEngines which are based on the Tosca TBox framework. Please refer to the respective manuals for further details on classic engines and Tosca TBox.... continue reading ›

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What is relative ID in Tosca?

Controls, which have dynamic, technical properties, can be identified via a relative ID. In this case, identification criteria are copied from one control (source control) to another - for instance, a Label of an EditBox is copied to the Editbox. Editbox with label. Procedure. A screen is scanned using Tosca Wizard.... read more ›

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What is legacy scan in Tosca?

Tosca Wizard is part of Tricentis Tosca and is used for scanning and creating classic Modules. It collects technical information required to identify and steer the test object. This data is then saved to the ObjectMap of the Module (see chapter "Properties for classic Modules").... read more ›

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What is Tosca value range?

ValueRange. The ValueRange in the Details tab contains a list of values that are separated by semicolons. Classic Modules: You can specify these values manually. Alternatively, Tosca Wizard identifies them while scanning the test object and automatically adds them to the Module.... see more ›

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What is default property of DIV in Tosca?

From what I understand, a div has no properties other than being an invisible box that can wrap elements so they can be partitioned off and manipulated with css. You can add properties to a div . You could use div {border: 1px solid black} to add a 1px border to all div elements.... see more ›

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How do you deal with dropdowns in Tosca?

Scan the ComboBox by using Tosca XScan. After scanning the ComboBox, create a list item for this ComboBox by selecting the option Create ModuleAttribute from its context menu. Right-click on the list item and select Create Configuration Param from the context menu.... see details ›

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Why Buffer is used in Tosca?

Tosca uses the term Buffer to refer to values that can be temporarily saved in Tosca Commander™ and then used again. These values can be either static or dynamic. There are three different ways to buffer values in Tosca: The values of controls can be read or verified and written into the Settings dialog as a buffer.... read more ›

What are embedded controls in Tosca? [Solved] (2022)

How do I verify a string in Tosca?

You can use dynamic expressions to modify and verify data in strings. If your string contains special characters, you have to escape them. Engines 3.0 provide on-screen descriptions of syntax and relevant examples. To see them, start typing the relevant expression into the Value field.... view details ›

How do you handle a tree in Tosca?

Tosca automatically creates TableTrees when you scan them with Tosca XScan. You can steer TableTrees by using the arrow -> as a separator to specify the path to the relevant TreeNode. In this example, the engine selects the entry Item 3 from the TableTree.... read more ›

How do you resolve more than one control found for action Tosca?

Tricentis Tosca in a Heartbeat: More than one control found for...... see more ›

What is the use of innerText in Tosca?

The property innerText is analyzed first. If the content is neither empty nor an HTML text, it is used. Otherwise the properties alt and Value are analyzed one after another. If no logical name can be found however, the control is marked red in Tosca Wizard.... see details ›

How do you verify two values in Tosca?

The syntax . enabled=true is used to verify whether the Next button is either enabled or available in the Tosca HTML sample application. Entering the operator and value is optional. The property of the control group item is entered here with a dot as a prefix.... see details ›

What is constraint Tosca?

You can use the ActionMode Constraint if you know which elements uniquely identify a list item. Set the ActionMode Constraint on specific list item elements to identify the respective list item. In this case, the combination of selected values should uniquely identify the list item.... continue reading ›

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