How many test sheets can be linked to a template in Tosca? (2023)

How many test sheets can be linked to a template in Tosca?

Hence, only one template at a time can be linked during Tosca Automation specialist level 2.

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What is the use of templates in Tosca?

Templates are models for concrete TestCases. TestCases with a similar sequence can be generalized with a template and be dynamically created using an external DataSource. This process is called dynamic TestCase generation.

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How do I add a test sheet to a TestCase in Tosca?

To create a TestSheet from a TestCase, follow the steps below: Select the TestCase from which you want to create a TestSheet. The TestCase should contain automated TestSteps. Drag and drop the TestCase onto a TestCase-Design folder.

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Why it is necessary to instantiate a template in Tosca?

As a result, Tosca creates a TestCase in the TemplateInstance for each TestCase defined in the template. The TestCase structure matches the structure of the corresponding TestCase in the template. The TestCase to be instantiated must be marked as a template (see chapter "Working with TestCase templates").

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How many template Instances does a template linked to this TestSheet generate?

Hence, only one template at a time can be linked during Tosca Automation specialist level 2.

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What is the correct process to link a TestSheet to a template?

In this case, the TestSheet is used as a data source for the TestCase Template. To create automated TestCases from a TestSheet or TestCase-Design Class, follow the steps below: Create a TestCase Template in the TestCases section of Tricentis Tosca. Drag and drop your TestSheet or Class onto the TestCase Template.

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Can we run a template in Scratchbook?

Answer: Yes, utilising the Tosca BI components, we can manually generate a TestCase template.

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Can we create TestCase template manually in Tosca?

For example, to create a TestCase template for Field Tests: Database to Database, you can use the DI DB Expert Module from the Tosca Data Integrity Modules And Samples. tsu subset. Drag and drop it onto the TestCase twice: Once for the source and once for the target.

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What is XL reference in Tosca?

Explanation: The XL reference itself contains the path, for Tosca to follow in order to find the value in the TestSheet. Once this linking is done, we will need to check the Template for errors in the XL references. We can do this by right-clicking on the template and selecting the Check Template option.

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Which TestCases should be included in one test sheet Tosca?

One test sheet contains one straight through and its variants, including negative test cases. A variant is a different option of the straight through within the same business workflow. A negative test case is a straight through which ends at some point with a predefined reason.

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Which button opens TestSheet linked to template?

The linked TestSheet can also be reached by right-clicking on the Template and selecting Jump to Schema Definition from themenu, the shortcut for this is CTRL+J.

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How do I run a ScratchBook in Tosca template?

To run a particular object in the ScratchBook, right-click the object and select Run in ScratchBook from the context menu, or press F6. Tricentis Tosca immediately starts the execution of the selected object.

How many test sheets can be linked to a template in Tosca? (2023)
What is TC Shell in Tosca?

The TC-Shell is the command-line control of Tosca Commander™ and can be started in two different modes, interactive and script. The interactive mode provides the user with assistance and options.

What is synchronization Tosca?

The Modules of the Synchronization package allow the execution of automated TestCases to be synchronized by using processes and events that are independent from the test object.

How do you compare two strings in Tosca?

Trim- and limitation rule for string comparisons. Spaces are excluded from the string comparison based on the selection. The setting applies to the value saved in Tosca and to the value in the test object. The selected text is compared on the basis of an indicated delimiter and takes the text length into consideration.

What kind of operators can be used to test multiple conditions in Tosca?

In Tosca, you can define IF, DO and WHILE statements if you would like to run TestSteps with branches or repeatedly. These statements can be applied to any nested structures.

What is the use of TCD in Tosca?

Tosca Test Case Design (TCD)

This is an approach to isolate the test data from the technical sections of test cases. So, the data and test cases are kept separately. The Tosca Test Case Design section has the capability to break our test cases into a logical structure.

What is generate Instances in Tosca?

When you generate Instances, Tosca automatically creates an Instances collection directly below the relevant TestSheet. To remove the generated Instances, simply delete this Instances collection. You can now generate new Instances using a different combinatorial method if you wish.

What is resolve reference in Tosca?

References to Reusable TestStepBlocks can be resolved. In this case, a copy of the TestSteps is made, which can be arbitrarily edited and is no longer linked to the TestStepLibrary. Select the reference to be resolved. Select Resolve Reference from the context menu.

Can we create TCD Class without any Instance?

Create Class from Attribute: This creates a Class and Instance collection for each selected Attribute. Create Structure from Attribute: This creates a Class without any Instance collection for each selected Attribute.

What is the difference between ScratchBook and ExecutionList Select 2 correct answers?

Ans: Unlike the focus of an ExecutionList, the focus of the ScratchBook is a temporary arrangement and execution of TestCases while creating TestCases. In addition, you can also perform partial test executions by running only individual TestSteps.

How many types of logs are available in Tosca?

ExecutionLists have two types of logs: One ActualLog on the ExecutionList level. This log contains the overall results of the last test run. When you execute the ExecutionList again, Tricentis Tosca overwrites the log with the current results.

How do you link requirements to TestCases in Tosca?

Tricentis Tosca automatically creates the specified number of unassigned TestCase Links under the designated Requirement. To link the TestCase Links to TestCases, drag and drop a TestCase onto a TestCase Link. The maximum number of TestCase Links you can create for a single Requirement is 1000.

How often can you use a TestCase in the same ExecutionList?

Execute TestCases multiple times

By default, you can drag and drop the same TestCase onto the same ExecutionList only once.

How can we use multiple browsers in the same TestCase in Tosca?

We cannot trigger multiple browsers in TOSCA, but it supports cross browser execution. For cross browser execution: 1. Create a Test Configuration Parameter "Browser" either at TestCase or at its parent levels.

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