How do you pass the Accenture assessment test? (2023)

How do I clear my Accenture assessment?

here is some tricks to crack accenture and companies like accenture also interview tricks Interview Preparation. study about that company and their profile and statistics. focus on basic questions that are useful to them. Download Study Material for AMCAT Exam Preparation.

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How hard is Accenture assessment?

The main difficulty the Accenture logical reasoning test, often referred to as a diagrammatic or deductive reasoning test, is that there is no pre-requisite knowledge required and there is no limit to how abstract these patterns and trends can be. Practice will help in getting through this test.

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What is asked in Accenture assessment test?

Verbal Ability (17 questions, 50 mins) Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving (18 questions, 50 mins) Abstract Reasoning (15 questions, 50 mins)

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How do I prepare for Accenture assessment day?

#1: Get plenty of practice
  1. Numerical reasoning test.
  2. Verbal reasoning test.
  3. Logical reasoning test.
  4. Situational judgement test.
  5. MBTI personality test.
  6. Interview preparation guide.
  7. Assessment centre group exercises guide.
  8. General assessment centre tips and preparation guide.

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Is Accenture test is easy?

Accenture campus placements are not that difficult to crack and with consistent effort, they can be cracked easily. If one can learn about what the four rounds are, cracking campus placements can be smooth. IT companies have different processes and before every test, it will be clearly explained by HR.

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Is IT hard to get hired at Accenture?

How Hard Is It to Land a Job at Accenture? It's not hard at all. Well, with some caveats. It depends entirely on your background experience, which job you have applied for, and how well you prepare your interview.

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How long does Accenture assessment take?

This test uses traditional multiple-choice questions. Candidates are asked to calculate answers based on information on the graphs and charts. There are 5 options presented and you must select one of the 5. The full Accenture digital assessment is expected to take around 1.5 hours to complete.

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How is the Accenture online assessment test?

The test is multiple-choice, and there are no 'right or wrong' answers, but there are answers that fit better with what the company is looking for. It's important to be truthful, but it doesn't hurt to research into the kind of applicant Accenture is looking for.

How long is Accenture assessment?

They are bespoke to Accenture and used to test your proficiency with technology, plus your logic and cognitive skills. Accenture estimates you'll need 60–90 minutes to complete all of the online assessments, so make sure you plan accordingly.

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How many rounds are there in Accenture exam?

There are mainly three rounds in Accenture interview:

Aptitude/Verbal ability round/Written Round. Technical Interview Round. HR round.

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How many rounds are there in Accenture 2022?

Accenture conducts 3-4 rounds to select freshers as SDE in their organisation.

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Are questions in Accenture repeated?

accenture most repeated aptitude questions with solutions are given here. accenture aptitude questions will give you an idea of expected questions in accenture Placement Paper. Five accenture questions asked in the Quants section are easy and the remaining 5 are tricky and difficult.

How do you pass the Accenture assessment test? (2023)
Will Accenture reject after interview?

1) If a candidate has attended an interview within the past 6 months from the date of new application, then he/she is ineligible to apply. 2) If a candidate has been rejected by Accenture in an interview, then the candidate is ineligible to apply again for a period of 6 months after the interview.

How long is Accenture after interview?

Once the online application and interviews of a particular candidate are completed, Accenture normally aims to respond to their decision within 10–15 working days.

How many days will Accenture take to release interview results?

(The typical time frame maybe 12-17 days after the interview as it took for me.)

How do I prepare for Accenture?

Ace your preparation level with these Accenture Preparation tips.
Accenture Preparation Tips
  1. Focus on communication skills.
  2. Practicing listening questions and vocabulary.
  3. Use your high school English books to practice grammar.
  4. Rephrase texts and practice summarizing.
  5. Be adaptable to understanding the contexts.
15 Feb 2022

How do I prepare for an online assessment?

How to Prepare for an Online Assessment - YouTube

How many questions are there in Accenture exam?

The hiring process is common, and here is the Accenture Test Pattern for 2022 Pass-outs.
Detailed Pattern of Stage 1: Cognitive and Technical Assessment.
Stage 1 SectionsNumber of Questions
English Ability17
Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving18
Abstract Reasoning15
Common Applications and MS Office12
2 more rows
16 Nov 2021

Does Accenture pay well?

The average Accenture Consultant salary across all positions and regions is $101,000 per year.

What does Accenture look for in candidates?

Accenture look for three main qualities for its consulting applicants – problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and achieving mentality. This is similar to other consulting firms, such as MBB or Big Four firms. They also look for candidates with a clear motivation and dedication to work at Accenture.

Is Accenture better than Deloitte?

Accenture scored higher in 1 area: Work-life balance.

How long does Accenture release offer letter?

The whole process can take up to 3 weeks.

How long does a job offer take from Accenture?

It takes around two to three months from from the start of the process when you apply to receive an offer.

Is Accenture interview elimination round?

This is the most important round in the Accenture test 2023. In this round most of the students will get Eliminated and can't reach to the next round i.e coding round.

Is Accenture test easy to crack?

Accenture had a very different question pattern as compared to Cognizant's. There were no definite sections specified and the question level was pretty easy. We could navigate between the questions and complete the test within an hour. Question types were quantitative, English and Logical.

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