How can I hide my name in flipkart review? [Solved] (2022)

How can I hide my name in flipkart review?

Goto top right and select settings. Then select 'Review Name Settings'. Within review settings, there are 3 different options. With this option, you can display the first name of your customer.... read more ›

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How can I add review in Flipkart?

If you've loved a product that you bought online, you can tell people about your experience by clicking on the Rate and Review Product option. If there is an issue with the product and if you want to return or exchange it, you can click on the Need Help button on the Flipkart order management portal.... see details ›

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How can I see my seller review on Flipkart?

Learn about Seller Score | Sell on Flipkart - YouTube... see more ›

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Who is certified buyer in Flipkart?

Certified Buyer means a Buyer who, as determined by Supplier, has successfully completed the Buyer training as set forth in Section 2.2 of this Transaction Agreement.... read more ›

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Can I delete my Flipkart order history?

Unfortunately, unlike the other ecommerce app Amazon, Flipkart does not allow its users to archive or delete the order history. This is because of one reason that order history plays an important role in certain conditions. The order history acts as a reference if you make any order-related complaint in the future.... see details ›

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How can I delete my order from Flipkart permanently?

To delete the products, the admin will navigate through Flipkart tab > Create/Update List.
  1. The admin can select the non-listed product from the Listing Products. ...
  2. After selecting the non-listed products, the admin can click on the “Delete” button to delete the selected products.
... continue reading ›


How can I hide my order history on Flipkart?

Click on the Archive Order button to archive the order. This will hide this specific order and move it to a separate archive section. Archived orders do not appear in the list of your orders.... continue reading ›

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Who is better Amazon or Flipkart?

Flipkart is the most trusted, but Amazon offers a superior shopping experience in India. While Flipkart features trusted Indian brands, Amazon's user experience is unmatched and outstanding. Thus, Flipkart and Amazon are both rather well-known ecommerce brands in India.... view details ›

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What is moderation failed review?

To protect businesses from false comments that could result in legal action (e.g. falsely calling a business a 'scam') To make sure all reviews are relevant (e.g. leaving reviews for the wrong product or service) To prevent and remove offensive, harmful reviews (e.g. swearing, inappropriate photos, abusive comments)... view details ›

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How Flipkart ratings are calculated?

It is an average of your Product Quality and Service Quality Scores. So, if your Product Quality Score is 4.3 and your Service Quality Score is 4, then your Seller Score is (4.3 + 4) ÷ 2. This comes to 4.1.... continue reading ›

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What is gold seller in Flipkart?

To become a Gold seller, you need to meet the following performance criteria: Sales - Sellers need to sell more than 6000 units OR generate INR 50 lac in revenue OR exceed the current growth index benchmark.... continue reading ›

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Is Flipkart trusted?

India e-commerce giant Flipkart continues to retain its apex position as India's most trusted e-commerce brand, in a nationwide consumer study titled the 'The Indian E-tailing Leadership Index', conducted by research firm Red Seer Consulting.... continue reading ›

How can I hide my name in flipkart review? [Solved] (2022)

Are F assured products original?

Flipkart, one of the leading online marketplaces of India, has recently launched 'Flipkart Assured' quality badge to enhance the overall experience of customers on its lattice. The newly launched service will also enable the company to put fake/non-genuine products under a strict scanner.... see more ›

What is certified buyer?

A Certified Buyer Representative (CBR®) is an agent who has been specially trained to represent buyers in their real estate transaction.... see details ›

What is F plus assured in Flipkart?

Under F-Assured, Flipkart will promise improved delivery service and a stricter quality check of products, among other things, according to two people familiar with the company's plans. It will replace an existing programme called Flipkart Advantage and be free to customers.... see details ›

How do I leave an anonymous review?

Now, you can either just remove your last name, which will still make the review seem credible, or you can choose a nickname, or simply use “Anonymous” as your name. Keep in mind that business can flag your review if they notice that you aren't using your real name.... view details ›

How do I hide my name when I leave a Google review?

Google sees your IP address whenever you post a review, even if you hide your name when you do so. The only way to prevent Google from detecting your IP address is through the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which will conceal the address by rerouting to a server in a different country.... view details ›

Are reviews Anonymous?

A survey involving over 3000 consumers in the United States shows that 63.1% of consumers support anonymous reviews whereas 44.6% do not. Consumers support anonymous reviews due to some of the reasons mentioned above but this does not imply that anonymous reviews are good.... view details ›

Can I leave a Google review without my name?

Google recently confirmed that it no longer allows anonymous (aka “A Google User”) reviews. Furthermore, as initially reported to Mike Blumenthal, the company removed all previously posted reviews that did not include a name. “We do not allow anonymous reviews today and we've removed legacy anonymous reviews.”... see more ›

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