Can ArrayList store different objects? (2023)

Can ArrayList store different objects?

Using generic, ArrayList class can be used to store any type of object. In other words, we can store multiple types of objects in an ArrayList using generic feature. For example, we could have an ArrayList of Book objects, an ArrayList of Employee objects, or an ArrayList of Strings.

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Can ArrayList hold multiple object types?

Unlike simple arrays, an ArrayList can hold data of multiple data types. It permits all elements, including null . Elements in the ArrayList are accessed via an integer index.

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How many objects can an ArrayList store?

Since ArrayList in Java is backed by a built-in array, the limit on the size is equal the same as the limit on the size of an array, i.e. 2147483647. Since your project is for android platform, you would run out of memory before reaching this limit. However, 8000 is a relatively small number.

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Can we store different data types in List in Java?

A list can only hold the items of the datatype of its declared datatype. We can declare a list of datatype Object and store items of different datatype.

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Which two Cannot be stored in an ArrayList?

ArrayLists cannot hold primitive data types such as int, double, char, and long (they can hold String since String is an object, and wrapper class objects (Double, Integer).

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Can we store different data types in list?

Indeed, you can store a number, a string, and even another list within a single list.

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How do you add multiple objects to an ArrayList?

Add Multiple Items to an Java ArrayList
  1. List<Integer> anotherList = Arrays. asList(5, 12, 9, 3, 15, 88); list. ...
  2. List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<>(); Collections. addAll(list, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
  3. List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<>(); Integer[] otherList = new Integer[] {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}; Collections.
15 Jul 2019

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Can an ArrayList hold objects Java?

The ArrayList class is a Java class that you can use to store lists of objects. You can also store objects in an array, but arrays have a couple of obvious problems. To create an array, you have to specify a size for the array.

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Can ArrayList store different data types in C#?

Yes, you can store objects of different types in an ArrayList but, like pst mentioned, it's a pain to deal with them later. If the values are related in some way you are probably better off writing a class to hold them.

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How do you add objects to an ArrayList?

Add Objects of Different Types in an ArrayList

In Java, ArrayList can hold objects of wrapper classes like double, integer, and string. We then add elements to the ArrayList using the add() method. Firstly, we added a string value to our ArrayList , then a double value, integer, and float, respectively.

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