92y jobs? (2023)

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Does 92Y see combat?

Is 92y considered a combat MOS? While they do occasionally serve in combat roles, and are trained as combat soldiers, MOS 92y is not considered a combat MOS.

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How much do 92Y make?

The average salary for an Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) is $40,518 per year in United States, which is 15% lower than the average US Army salary of $47,914 per year for this job.

What does a 92 Yankee do in the Army?

The 92Y prepares all unit/organization supply documents and accounts for Army property, supplies and equipment using the Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) automated supply system.

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How long is 92Y contract?

Meaning, you will be serving an 8 year contract.

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Is a 92Y an armorer?

At the unit level, an armourer duty position exists and is filled by soldiers holding the Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) MOS; these soldiers will have received some basic armourer training as part of their MOS training, and will often attend further armourer training when assigned to that duty position.

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What unit has seen the most combat?

Since 2002, the 10th Mountain Division has been the most deployed regular Army unit. Its combat brigades have seen over 20 deployments, to both Iraq and Afghanistan, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

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What is the highest paying job in supply chain?

The 10 High-Paying Careers for Supply Chain Management Majors are:
  • Logistics Manager $104,827.
  • Supply Chain Manager $104,071.
  • Global Commodities Director $103,601.
  • Purchasing Manager $103,289.
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager $100,015.
  • Procurement Manager $95,285.
  • Production Manager $94,248.
  • Facilities Manager $91,728.

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Which one is better 92A or 92Y?

In AIT, the 92Y gets 111 hours of Basic Supply Principles, while the 92A only gets 16.5 hours in basic supply. The 92Y gets 79 hours on the Army Global Combat Support System (GCSS – Army).

Is supply planning a good career?

Supply chain management is one of the hottest sectors to enter today. The demand for supply chain managers is at an all-time high. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of logisticians will grow by 28 per cent between 2021 and 2031.

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Is 92a a combat MOS?

Soldiers in this MOS are required to operate the Global Combat Support System-Army. This logistics system is used to track supplies, organizational equipment, and spare parts.

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What does a 92a do when deployed?

Procedures for shipping, receiving, storing and issuing stock. Movement, storage and maintenance of ammunition. Procedures for handling medical and food supplies.

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Is there a bonus for 92Y?

92Y: From $12,300 to $41,400 for specialists and sergeants, $12,100 to $36,800 for staff sergeants.

92y jobs? (2023)
What is the shortest Army contract?

The U.S. Army has expanded its two-year enlistment options, making it easier for individuals who may not be comfortable making a four- or six-year commitment. Under this option, after basic and advanced training, new Soldiers would only be required to spend two years on active duty.

What Asvab score do you need for 92Y?

ASVAB Line Scores and Army MOS
92YUnit supply specialistCL:90
94ALand combat electronic missile system repairerEL:102
94DAir traffic control equipment repairEL:102
94ERadio & communication security repairEL:102
148 more rows

How long is 92Y training?

Job training for a Unit Supply Specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instructions. Part of this time is spent in the classroom, and part takes place in the field, including practice in handling and storing stock.

What rank is a Unit Supply Specialist?

Unit Supply Specialist - 92Y.

What Army branch is 92Y?

92R – Parachute Rigger. 92S – Shower/Laundry and Clothing Repair Specialist. 92W – Water Treatment Specialist. 92Y – Unit Supply Specialist.

What is the most famous unit in the Army?

Today, the 442nd is remembered as the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of the US military. The unit, totaling about 18,000 men, over 4,000 Purple Hearts, 4,000 Bronze Stars, 560 Silver Star Medals, 21 Medals of Honor, and seven Presidential Unit Citations.

What is the hardest combat training?

There's a great argument that the Marine Corps has the hardest military training of anyone, and here's why. Of course, when you reach the top, you can find them becoming SEALs or a part of the Marine Raider Regiment (MRR), but the training of any Marine is some of the hardest military training in the world.

What is a unit of 100 soldiers called?

Three or four squads make up a platoon, which has 20 to 50 soldiers and is commanded by a lieutenant. Two or more platoons make up a company, which has 100 to 250 soldiers and is commanded by a captain or a major.

Can you make 6 figures in supply chain?

The jobs you can do with a supply chain management degree involve overseeing the coordination and allocation of the supplies businesses need in order to run effectively. Many of these occupations offer above-average salaries, including some with six-figure wages.

Is supply chain a stressful job?

Supply chain management can be rewarding, but it isn't for everybody. SCM professionals typically work long hours under heavy stress.

What is the #1 highest paid position?

Here are the highest paying jobs of 2023:
  • Anesthesiologist: $208,000.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: $208,000.
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist: $208,000.
  • Surgeon: $208,000.
  • Orthodontist: $208,000.
  • Physician: $208,000.
  • Psychiatrist: $208,000.

How long is Army ALC for 92y?

ALC focuses on the skills needed to lead squad-and platoon-sized units. It consists of a 90-day online program and a branch-specific resident phase.

What is a 76Y in the Army?

76Y MOS. Job Detail. Supervises or performs duties involving request, receipt, storage, issue, accountability, preservation of individual, organizational, installation and expendable supplies.

What is the most prestigious special forces?

SEAL Team 6, officially known as United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), and Delta Force, officially known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), are the most highly trained elite forces in the US military.

Are supply chain workers happy?

4. High Job Satisfaction. Another reason to pursue a supply chain job is that workers in the field report high satisfaction. While 85% of workers across all industries say they're displeased with their jobs, 80% of supply chain workers said they're very satisfied with theirs.

Is supply chain a hard job?

Supply chain and logistics management is a demanding career. But it's also one of the most exciting areas of growth for hungry, driven professionals who are looking to make a real impact in their jobs.

Is logistics a stressful job?

The job can be stressful because logistical work is fast-paced. Logisticians must ensure that operations stay on schedule, and they must work quickly to solve any problems that arise. Some logisticians travel to manufacturing plants or distribution centers.

What MOS is 91W?

91W MOS. Provides emergency medical treatment, limited primary care, force health protection and evacuation in a variety of operational and clinical settings.

What MOS are FiSTers?

They are officially called Joint Fire Support Specialists in the U.S. Army and Fire Support Marines in the U.S. Marine Corps. They are colloquially known as FiSTers, regardless of whether they are members of a FiST (Fire Support Team).

What MOS can go to SFAS?

Special Forces candidates have the ability to choose which MOS to pursue within the pipeline, These are their options:
  • 18B – Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.
  • 18C – Special Forces Engineer Sergeant.
  • 18D – Special Forces Medical Sergeant.
  • 18E – Special Forces Communications Sergeant.
  • 18F – Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant.

What is a 92 Bravo?

Army Medical Laboratory SpecialistEnlisted.

Is 92F a combat MOS?

This job is categorized as military occupational specialty (MOS) 92F. These soldiers work in all types of weather and a variety of conditions, which may include combat situations.

What is a 13 Foxtrot MOS?

What is a 13F MOS in the Army? Joint Fire Support Specialists (MOS 13F) gather intelligence for the U.S. Army and its artillery teams, establish communications systems and decode messages.

Does 92A need security clearance?

SM must be able to become 92A MOSQ Qualified within 12 months. Applicant must have or be able to attain a secret security clearance.

What rank is 92A?

Overview. Quartermaster officers are responsible for making sure equipment, materials and systems are available and functioning for missions. More specifically, the quartermaster officer provides supply support for Soldiers and units in field services, aerial delivery, and material and distribution management.

What does a SPO do in the Army?

The SPO provides information to support the development of the BSBs mission and execution paragraphs to include commander's intent, concept of operations, scheme of movement, and tasks to subordinate units.” This is essentially all of paragraph 3 of the operations order, which is akin to how the operations process ...

What Army job has the highest signing bonus?

Airborne Enlistment Bonus

If you do, you'll get rewarded with up to $10,000 in cash bonuses. Additionally, soldiers that continue training to become an Army Ranger have the opportunity to receive up to $20,000 after completing the Ranger Indoctrination Program.

What is the highest enlistment bonus?

Up to $50K with an Active Army Enlistment Bonus

Full-time recruits can combine bonuses to earn up to an additional $50,000 for enlisting in certain jobs.

What are the best Army MOS?

Here is a list of the top 10 MOS jobs in the U.S. Army.
Best jobs in the Army
  1. Recruiter. ...
  2. Combat medic. ...
  3. Human resources specialist. ...
  4. Explosive ordnance disposal. ...
  5. Diver. ...
  6. Public affairs specialist. ...
  7. Cyber operations specialist.
Jan 3, 2020

What Mos has a 2-year contract?

You can find the full, official list of 2-year enlistment Army MOSs here, but below are just a few of the unique offerings you can take part in with a two-year service contract: (92G1) Food Service Specialist. (35M1) Human Intelligence Collector. (25C1) Radio Operator – Maintainer.

Can you buy out a military contract?

But unfortunately, this is no longer possible. You cannot get out of a military contract in the U.S by paying a certain amount of money. Once you have signed a contract to serve the country, you are expected to honor it. This applies to all service branches.

Can a girlfriend live on army base?

Can girlfriends stay on an army base? No they cannot. Only family (spouse and children, not parents, siblings) can stay on the base if the military member has authorization for it and housing is available.

Where do most 92Y get stationed?

Where do 92Y get stationed? Unlike most other Army MOS', soldiers in the 92y field can be stationed at nearly any Army or military duty station in the world.

What branch has the lowest ASVAB score?

Current minimum scores for each branch of the military are: Air Force—31; Army—31; Coast Guard—40; Marine Corps—31; National Guard—31; Navy—31. (Scores posted on August 29, 2022). Service Specific websites: Air Force.

Which branch has the hardest ASVAB?

Coast Guard ASVAB Scores

The Coast Guard is the most challenging branch of the military to enter. A minimum ASVAB score of 36 is required to enlist.

What Air Force MOS sees the most combat?

The Airmen who make up Air Force Special Warfare are the most specialized warriors on the planet.

Which branch sees less combat?

The Coast Guard is the least likely to see combat, as they are a part of Homeland Security and play a different role in protecting the United States. Every military branch has a different organizational structure. Within that structure, some units and troops focus on training for combat.

Do Army Special Forces see combat?

There, Special Forces would see extensive combat. From then on, the unit has participated in just about every conflict America has been involved in. Their specialization in Unconventional Warfare, Direct Action, and Foreign Internal Defense, have made them a hot commodity in the war on terror.

What Air Force careers see combat?

AFSPECWAR enlisted specialties include Combat Control, Pararescue, Special Reconnaissance and Tactical Air Control Party (TACP). Officer specialties include Combat Rescue Officer, Special Tactics Officer and TACP Officer.

What is the most deployed unit?

Since 2002, the 10th Mountain Division has been the most deployed regular Army unit. Its combat brigades have seen over 20 deployments, to both Iraq and Afghanistan, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

What is the most badass job in the Air Force?

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Hazards

USAF specialists use tools like robots to assist with disposing explosives. Due to the technical nature of explosives, they must be careful and extremely trained, considering one mistake can kill many people.

What branch is the weakest?

Setup. As Alexander Hamilton famously wrote in the Federalist Papers, the judiciary is the weakest of our three branches of government. Without “purse” or “sword,” the US Supreme Court is dependent on the willingness of others to enforce its orders and on the public's belief in its impartiality to ensure compliance.

Who goes to war first?

The Marine Corps is often first on the ground in combat situations.

What military branch goes to war first?

marines are the first to fight and determined to succeed.

From Belleau Wood to Afghanistan, the United States Marine Corps is America's stand-in force - always ready when our nation is least ready.

How many people fail special forces?

When going through a military special ops selection program with an average attrition rate of 70%-80%, you need all the tools you can fit into your backpack. That means crushing a fitness test, even on a bad day, and having some experience in the events of your future training before attending that course.

Do special forces rank up faster?

Special Operations Soldiers complete more training and special courses, which means they receive promotions and climb in rank and pay faster than regular Soldiers.

Do special forces get scared?

Experts say that your fears could be holding you back from success. No one is immune to anxiety, not even Navy SEALS. Jocko Willink spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, and he served in one of the most highly decorated special operations units of the Iraq war — and he has experienced fear throughout his career.

What is the most elite unit in the Air Force?

Air Force Special Tactics teams: pararescue specialist, combat controllers and weather forecasters. Enlisted Air Force airmen can serve on Special Tactics teams, some of the most elite forces offered by the Air Force.

What are JSOC Tier 1 units?

Tier 1 units are also known as Special Missions Units. They are commanded directly by national-level Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). These units undertake missions that are critical, classified, and approved at the highest military level.

Does the Air Force have snipers?

The US Air Force has announced it is deploying a new sniper rifle replacement called the Squad Designated Marksmanship Rifle (SDMR) to support airmen during combat missions. According to the service, 1,400 of the new rifles will be distributed to US Air Force personnel this year.

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